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11:26pm 20/07/2007
  Some of you may remember me from last summer, when I wrote about my experience as a living statue at my city's art festivale. I invite you to read this year's here.  
keeping it real 
12:28pm 19/09/2006
  The A Team  
06:20am 22/07/2006
  Hi everyone

First post of a main topic here. Just wanted to let everyone know about our completely FREE projects and websites - we run the control-free network (http://www.controlfree.net - a network of sites) and we are spreading the word around.

The control-free network is a resource with free information in text, audio and video files, as well as links to a collective and other helpful websites.

The files not linked to from the website can be downloaded from us for free on SoulSeek (download this great file-sharing program for FREE at http://www.slsknet.org) - and to do this, just add our username, freeinfo.

All of the items we share are free and we take careful precautions not to share copyrighted material, as the fucking feds are always watching our shit (and your shit).

Also, this has been crossposted a bit.

So take care, check us out if you get a chance,
Peace, solidarity
-mc nf1
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06:01pm 12/05/2006
  Like pandano, I also found PT through glamour-bombing. I expect I will likely be lurking more than posting, at least at first, but I'm doing the required thing and throwing my glitter stick into the fray, as it were.  
a good cause 
05:56am 21/02/2006
02:56pm 31/01/2006
  in my opinion, the Danish papper Jyllands-Posten cartoon provocation qualifies as an act of poetic terrorism.

would you agree with that?

01:51pm 23/01/2006

mothersbaugh is a fucking genuis
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03:39am 22/01/2006
  Take this phrase:
“Holocaust the Internet”

assign it to a random google image, ie:

Image hosting by Photobucket

post as comment
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07:08pm 31/12/2005
  okay so print these up, cut them up, make new poems. or just cut &paste. leave the imbeciles to their slavish preservation of “citations.” make combinations, leave them on the subway walls, classroom desks, interweb, etc.

made it nearer
hell’s eyes
“please sir, i want some more”
lost that sidewalk glance
that is what something sometimes could follow
aluminium shower-sink combination
that handbathtub
i will be swallowed by this wood
gets out and walks to
anywhere mouse heads
but a friendly stewardess explained they did
been serving
tails of light in
curiously tranquil
in the bathroom washing his hands with water
propped up
as a symbol for the heart’s wish for something far
this is probably
at disjointed
As if she doesn’t regard them as competitors
all the means
our fingers are
the curtains in their
comes off
my cock&balls
packed in and accumulated
day out
in front of
who frequent
i couldn’t see her
except by force
all the time
trial showed
as the fisherman reads it
something about
nature withheld in the skies
those days are gone away
now morning from her orient chamber came
sidelong glance
the downward smile
do not blush
the church bells toll a melancholy round
the day is gone
this mortal body for a thousand days
infuses chocolate
and what should he do now as he casts his line
where my
a naive
i realized the blessing
the assistant
believe in the
(and where a
she wasn’t
who sold
have guessed
replace tears
the capitalist
meaning of existance
supplied by
football download
the inevitable rains.

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06:34pm 10/12/2005
  "Wherever you may be between points x y and z in this seemingly euclidean world, think of a romantic moment and release it."

--Release Thy Dove
06:59pm 10/12/2005
  The clarity of his eyesight was slowly corrupted;
despite treatments and operations, his eyesight was permanently weakened.

light within the (hue
man) visible spectrum.

Fat fingers walk down the street.

hey mom, hey dad
there’s a party in my head

as simple as that of love
saving herself for the world
no more suffering over little things

twenty-first century; space invasion

sooner or later a miracle would take place

the weak point of her heart

the Axeman's Jazz

in this world of everything

"fat finger syndrome"

There was an error
The server is apparently having some kind of problem accessing the database

the bloody carnival

a pitying smile

reasons still very confused

"Who teacheth his son no trade, guideth him to robbery".

the desert of solitude

He is murdered in his pool by four schoolchildren who steal his gold
06:53pm 10/12/2005


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Fighting injustice... 
12:13pm 01/12/2005
mood: contemplative
Apparently today, as well as being World AIDS Day, is also the 50th anniversary of Rosa Parks' refusal to move to the back of the bus...

Michael Moore may be an inflammatory kind of guy, but he has some beautiful things to say in honour of the Civil Rights Movement and Rosa Parks:

I just thought we should all pause for a moment today to remember the simple act of courage, defiance and dignity committed by Rosa Parks when she refused to move to the back of the bus because the law said she had the wrong skin color. The greatest moments in history, the ones that have truly mattered and have taken us to a better place, are made up of scores of these singular acts by ordinary, everyday people who could no longer tolerate the crap and the nonsense of those in charge.

Today, whether it is a student who holds a sit-in to get the army recruiters off his campus, or the mother of a dead soldier who refuses to leave the front gate of the president's ranch, we continue to be saved by brave people who risk ridicule and rejection but end up turning huge tides of public opinion in the direction of righteousness. We owe them enormous debts of gratitude. It is not easy to stand up for what is right, especially when everyone else is afraid to leave the comfortable path of conformity.

Rosa Parks may have been alone on that bus at the moment of her arrest but she wasn't alone for long. The old order was shaken, the world was upended and, as a people, we were given a chance for a bit of redemption.

Perhaps the best way to celebrate this most important day in American history is to ask yourself what it is that you can do today to make a difference. What risk can you take to move the ball forward? What is that one thing you've been wanting to say to your co-workers or classmates that you've been afraid to say -- but in your heart of hearts you know needs to be said? Why wait another day to say it or do it?

There is probably no better way to honor Rosa Parks -- and yourself -- than for you to put a stop to an injustice you see, not allowing it to continue for one more second. Do something.
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The techniques 
05:59pm 30/11/2005
  How to Start a Revolution  
02:49am 24/11/2005
INforming the Dialog : God Emperor of Dune 
01:23am 12/10/2005
  A conversation with the god emperor:
"that is thier weakness. Duncan. Radicals always see matters in terms which are too simple - black and white, good and evil, them and us. By adressing complex matters in this way they rip open a passage for chaos. The art of government, as you call it, is the mastery of chaos."
"no one can deal with every suprise."
Surprise? who's talking about surprise? Chaos is no Suprise, it has predicatable characteristics. For one thing, it carries away order and strengthens the forces at the extremes."
"Isnt that what the rebels are trying to do? Arent they trying to shake things up so they can grab control?"
"Thats what they think they are doing. Actually, they are creating new extremeists, new radicals and they are continuing the old process."
"What about a radical that sees the complexities and comes at you that way?"
"Thats no Radical, Thats a rival for leadership."
"What do you do?"
"You co-opt them or Kill them."
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THis is how it works on the other end 
12:48am 12/10/2005
  read this, this is who is running the show, this is a culture that takes power:


These people are not revolutionaries, but they have achieved a revolution. You may think its good to be humble and not to live in persuit of any more power than you need, but keep in mind, if you dont act, others will.
The individual {Abraham Vereide} who inspired this neo-uber-theocracy was not himself a rich or powerfull man, just someone with powerfull vision. He was, in effect, a poetic terrorist who won, this culture is his innovation.
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Further thoughts on Millennium 
11:34am 11/10/2005
  I'd like to read an interveiw in which H.B. talks about what he was thinking when he published Millennium. I'll look for one.
In the meantime -

Veiwing Millennium as the latest instalment in a body of work, I dont think it really needs to address "actionable guidance". I thought abotu this more last night, and between Immediatism, the Criminal Bee, The Tong, and other essays he pretty thoroughly address methods and theory of implementation.

So millenium then is a few different things.
-First it plainly describes the need for difference and presence as opposed to Sameness and seperation.
-It defines revolution as neccesary in the face of omnipotent Capitol
-The need for federation among revolutionary entities is called for
-it indicates several deeper theories to be studied and applied in the context of revolution

So then as prponents of P.T. are you also a revolutionary? If so, what does that mean to you?
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11:51pm 10/10/2005
  I finally read Millennium. ia this the most contemporary work of Hakim Bey?

My brief comments on the various chapters:

# Jihad

In this opening chapter he defines the major issues, he makes several porpositions
1) money has trancended all comprehension and become a force of nature, pure power, and all reality is subject to the demands of Capital.

2) this nearly omnipotent form of Capital is now out to get us, and we must, out of neccesity initiate revolution.

# Sameness

ANyone familiar with Immediatism will recognize the ideas of sameness and separation; the alienation and isolation perpetrated by capital.

# Management of Desires

THis chapter describes the seduction of capital, the need for capital to create more need. And concludes with hsi usual descriptions of sex as an act of revolutionary liberation.

# Green Shade

At this point H.B. gets really esoteric, communicating almost entire through implication that, while all reality is theoretically mediated, some representation is special because it communicates vital truths.

# Cash

In this chapter I think the previously stated, but poorly illustrated, core concepts of Millenium start to break down. He acknowledges the value of currency as a means of exchange, and describes Capitalism as "inevitable". He pointedly poses the question: is Capitalism destined for catastophe, and do we need revolution to save us? then he answers: we dont know is capitalism will fail, and we do not know if we truly stand at a threshold of inevitable revolution, but we choose revolution in any case.

# Assault on the Screen

Here he further describes the absolute nature of capital and describes the revolution as a struggle against a mediated concept of self.

# The Morality of Violence

Here he breifly addresses the tendency of revolutionary belief systems to become new fascisms, and concludes with esoteric refrences to some inspired non-law possible when following ancient enlightened principles.

# Fin de Siecle

THe response to samness and seperation - difference and presence, is expounded upon.

# The Revolt of Islam

He describes the positive attributes of various idealogies within Islam and a perpective on islam as a viable vehicle for resitance to "cognitive colonialism"

# Volkways

This seems like and endorsement of a model of "adventuring" resistance as opposed to "hegemonic" resistance, which may in turn just form another opresive power structure. he also describes the paradoxical possibility of a federated-autonomous resistance.

# Revolutionary Soteriology

A very telling chapter, this addresses "the world to be saved", the territory championed by the revoltuion.

# The Hidden Imam

Further descriptions of the prpinciple of presence, the sin of complacency, and the power of unseen art.

# Call & Response

Some very intellegent statements abotu the nature of the conflict, btu ultimately he avoids, pointedly any discussion of action to be taken by the Revolution.

My thoughts on the work as a whole:

This is way to fatalistic, way too esoteric, and while it parades a great deal of colorfull semantics and implied theory, it contributes very little actionable guidance.

It may be that the hakim bey is only using the vehicle of revolution as a semantic framework to encourage greater self-determination and a persuit of a more fullfiling existence. Basically re-creating revoltionary culture as an esoteric pop-Sufism.
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01:45pm 04/09/2005
  "if youre going to kill somebody
by cutting off their head,
rolling 'em up in a carpet,
and burning it,
you better make sure they're dead!"
--colin m